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Preface: all descriptions concerning avarites can only convey an approximate image of this nature, as it is known to man as the first transdimensional mode of life.

Avarites are parasitic pathogens that feed on cognitive dissonances. They live in the electromagnetic environment and are not visible to the human eye. Due to changes in the composition of the incident on the human eye radiation, it is possible for the pathogens to transmit retinal signals to the fear center of man, the amygdala. These signals stimulate the existential fear of starvation. Even after applying sufficient fat stores and food supplies this fear persists in case of infestation by avarites. Affected try to calm the ovestrained amygdala through consumption. Consumption causes a release of dopamine, which numbs the nerve endings of amygdalas tissue and the fear is stopped briefly. Once the effect of dopamine decreases, concerned begin again with the consumption. A classic greed is developed.


As parasitic pathogens avarites crave to get the most from their hosts. Cognitive dissonance is provoked until completely upset the host. A particular problem is that cognitive dissonance can not only affect individuals, but also as an overall social disease. Avarites use this collective moods around the periphery of the food source to extend it to a maximum. Imbalances of the human condition helping the pathogens enormously.


In order to protect oneself from avarite attacks it helps to strengthen the mental resilience. Strategies to develop individual resilience are, for example, stable relationships. They reduce the risk of infection dramatically. How social systems can develop resilience is part of Avaroids experimental research, currently the model of unconditional basic income is tried to choke the anxiety in the bud.


Only guesses can be expressed about the origin of avarites. The fact is that they are not like humans or other original-terrestrial beings which are planetary bound because of its nature. Thus they could come with electromagnetic radiation from all areas of the universe. To understand these beings the knowledge of their origin and development would help enormously and will therefore be part of further research.

Matter and the golden curse

Avarites are not tied to our own laws of matter. The ancient accounts of King Midas provide information about how the pathogen can intervene – in the event of extreme individual infestation – in the structure of matter surrounding us. The fabled gold curse can easily be explained as a process of reorganization of the molecular structure of the touched objects. Avarites use the affected people here as a kind of radio mast.

Swarm and expansion

Avarites organize themselves in a global swarm. The global network of avarites entangled the people of the entire world in the for the parasite so important production of cognitive dissonance. The differences by residents of the northern and southern hemisphere of the planet show here the impressive efficiency of avarites production scheme. The colonials aspirations of the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere at all times can be read under the sign of a serious infestation by avarites to generate the global dissonance.


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