Education and Public

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The Research of Institute Avaroid is unique. To give the public an insight into our daily work is the objective of the collection. The inventory will be expanded at irregular intervals. Currently, the collection areas are divided into three priorities: Archive of greed, technical cabinet and graphical depot. You can find out if the collection is soon in your area by having a look in the news section of our website. Should you ever have interest in the presentation of the collection’s holdings or shares, please contact us!

This post is also available in: German

Archive of greed

Arising in the course of research products are regularly supplied to the collection of the Institute. The resulting archive of greed forms a unique collection of objects. organized in typologies the collection is free to the public, provided and shown at various locations and facilities.



Technical cabinet

The tools used by Avaroid highlight technical excellence across the millennia. The Technical Cabinet gives the viewer the ability to view them up close and even to test some by yourself.


Graphical Depot

For further analysis of fixed avarites a light impression is taken of each specimen. The resulting Avagrammes make vibration pattern visible which occur during fixation process. These patterns provide information as to what kind of pathogen it is exactly, e.g .: if there is an aggressive individual parasite or a busier structure parasite, we have the focus. The complex image body is shortened by the light cast by one dimension and makes it easier to read.