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Cognitive dissonance

Based on the ancient documents that are handed down from phrygian scientists and the records of Vilem Flusser and Edwin H. Land and the current studies on the behavior of avarites, Avaroid has an amazingly accurate picture of certain lifestyles of avarites. The entire existence of the parasite is organized around the production of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is created – put simply – if a human acts contrary to his beliefs or morality. An everyday example is the encounter with begging people. If we donate something, conviction ( “Helping someone in need.”) and action ( “I helped someone in need.”) are congruent. If we neglect the donation, an uncomfortable feeling comes over us immediately. The negative voltage of belief ( “Helping someone in need.”) and action ( “I did not help someone in need.”) arises. To avoid the unpleasant feeling we fit either our act or conviction in the case of recurrence of this situation. In the example described the adaptation of the conviction is common practice of city experienced people.

Examples of modified conviction: “I do not have change.” “The money goes anyway only a begging gang.” “If I give every beggar something I myself am soon poor.”. Characteristic for the modification of the conviction, the reversal of own moral understanding is towards the accusation of the release of cognitive dissonance: “Man does not beg in the street!”, “That’s it yourself to blame, could still go to work!”, “For X amount I have to work Y hours and this beggar holds out only the hand!”.

Similarly, the electrical voltage generated by a charge gradient, caused by cognitively dissonant “charged” people. Avarites life of this energy they need to survive like humans need food. Since the “harvest” the energy source usually experiences a deterioration of living conditions, if not even lead to its collapse. This is why avarites can be classified as a parasitic life form.

Collective infestation

Cognitive dissonance occurs not only as individual psychological, but at least to the same extent as on overall social disease. For avarites generating a societal dissonance is especially rewarding because the so resulting stress is much greater than the individual. The formation is analogoue to individual dissonance. Institute Avaroid shall endeavor a voltage measurement of the Federal Republic of Germany in the coming months to determine the extent of collective infestation.



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