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Open letter

The work on the 5th Poverty and Wealth Report will soon begin. We’re really glad about that! Only: without the knowledge of avarite research, this project can not be carried out meaningfully. In an open letter to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs we offer help:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Institute Avaroid has been pleased to note that the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has started work on the 5th Poverty and Wealth Report. As a long-term tool for recording and describing the financial situation in Germany, we assess the quality and scope of the report. However, we have to express a certain displeasure about the fact that you have so far missed to contact us as the world’s only research facility dealing with the complex interactions of the avariciously polluted environment and human cognition as partners for the forthcoming report. On the internet pages to the 5th ARB (german abbreviation for Poverty and Wealth Report), we have read that “[…] an expansion by three main themes is foreseen: impacts of atypical employment forms on career development and income in life, the relevance of social space segregation and wealth.” With wealth as the largest carrier of extraordinary exclusivity claims as a result of asymmetrical responsibilities and the resulting imbalance of the social constitution is the focus of our research and we emphasize in this letter the urgency and importance of the inclusion of up-to-date findings of avarite research into the work of the 5th ARB.

The expected and actual model function as a consumption and performance elite for society and the state must be examined and publicly communicated on the basis of its historically and avarithmically reason. Since you are currently still in the process of completing the research projects, which are to start in 2016, we would like to use our satelite-based measurement, also planned for 2016, to determine the nationwide cognitive dissonance and the associated assessment of the potential enlargement of the 5th ARB.

Furthermore, we think that the number of readers would increase significantly if the results were prepared in a language attractive to more people. We propose to you – without his knowledge – Rico Grimm, one of the probably most committed journalists in the country.

We look forward to hearing from you and Ms Nahles!

Patrick Richter and Thomas Georg Blank

Further information on the poverty and wealth report:

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