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Research and PR in Eifel-Region 07. – 12.06.2016

Interventions in social areas that are hidden in the exclusion, which are to be put into the light. Inclusion as a cultural strategy of revealing. Interventions in urban corners, on closed doors, in murky areas and sleepy minds. To create noise, where thought and thought no longer show movement. Communication of the other kind with network partners, with present and absent of the daily life, with living beings of a certain and indefinite kind.

Specialists and daring / pioneering institutes traverse rural areas, urban facilities and architectural closures, and with their questions and models, they cover the absurd phenomena of reality realistically and precisely.

Invited by AIM e.V., Institut Avaroid had the opportunity to test new instruments and test results from past examinations in the ArtLab of the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl and surrounding area for a few days. Among other things, we were able to test for the first time the dissonance analysis system for optical detection of electromagnetic, interfering wave patterns YMS_DIS83px. We will provide a detailed insight into the results and time in Burgbrohl and the surrounding area.


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