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In the next few days, information about the research and activity of Avaroid will be available at two locations at the same time. If you want to do something else for education and psycho-hygiene between Christmas preparations and cookie baking, you have the following options:

Karlsruhe, 11. – 19.12.2015

The Avaroid Infostation “Bewurstwerdung I” accompanies the annual exhibition of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildende Künste Karlsruhe. It provides information on various areas of research, but the focus is on the psychohygiene sector at the “Wurstmandala” and associated sows. To this end two achievements are premiered: a visual artefact of the highly experimental visualistics, especially “The Wurst Wars”, as well as our first psychohygiene poem “The meat plate must be a sausage mandala”.

Darmstadt, 12. – 19.12.2015

For the first time parts of the graphical depot will find their way into the public. In addition, the cooperation with the Kunsthalle Darmstadt on 19.12.2016 enables us to be part of an art collection. We hope to be deeply absorbed in the mutual relationship between things and avarites from participating in this perhaps most contemporary ritual of exclusivity. The results will be published immediately after evaluation.

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